Panel audit


The media owners are responsible for the provision of accurate information about the location and nature of their stock.
Details supplied include

– GPS location
– Orientation
– Size (dimension)
– Type (static, scrolling, digital)
– Illumination (none, front, rear, digital)
– Distance from which the frame may be seen
– Exact Address
– Detailed Photo taken in strict accordance with Photo Classification System used to establish the VAC score of each panel.

Each photograph is then cross-checked by all research parties in order to minimize possible mistakes and omissions. The parties executing Outdoor Impact Baltic research have confirmed that during 2011 and 2012 they have performed multiple cross-checks of all advertising locations and their classification to be evaluated by the research software and have completed this check as of January 1, 2013.

For the given date the parties confirm that locations and images classification has been cross-checked thoroughly and to the best of their knowledge, they are completely in accordance with procedures recommended by the research consultants „Simon Cooper and Associates“. Following reasonable diligence in its cross-checking, no violations (neither in classification, nor in the way photographic images were taken) have been found. Any mistakes or miscrepancies that may subsequently emerge as a result of human error, shall be corrected immediately and in accordance with the Outdoor Impact rules.

The new panel information will be updated continuously and fed to Outdoor Impact Baltics on a quarterly basis in time for each publishing date.